About Us

Since 1986 Babykins Baby Products & the KINS Family of Fine Adult Products has been proudly manufacturing environmentally friendly, reusable cloth diapers and bedding in Canada. Our products were borne of a need for high quality, environmentally friendly, reusable cloth diapers for our own children. We believe that the natural approach of cloth diapers is critical for the extra special loving care required by both a baby’s very delicate skin and the very delicate environment in which we live.

When the choices were limited for products other than disposable diapers, we decided to “be the change we wanted to see in the world” and the Babykins line of infant cloth diapers was born. Since then we have grown to include bedding and garments for babies, youth and adults and made the transition into providing adult incontinence products. All Babykins and KINS cloth diapers, garments and bedding are environmentally friendly, durable, comfortable and natural for all skin types.

We maintain a strict, high standard for all of our products, with the continued goal of providing the best quality reusable garments for people of all ages.

Need more reasons to trust us with your cloth diaper and bedding needs?

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